Delight Your Guests with Perfect Sleep Solution

We at ContractHotelBeds manufacture and supply high quality commercial contract beds, mattresses and headboards for the hotel industry. We have been manufacturing quality beds for over 35 years. We have the capacity to supply large hotel chains, family run hotels and small B&B. Whether it be standard size contract beds or custom built , we promise to meet all your hotel requirements at very competitive price.

All our products adhere to

Crib 5 BS7177 / Ignition Source 5 UK Fire Regulatory Standard.

All our products are NBF (National Bed Federation) approved.


As your Hotel Supplier, we will provide you with quality, comfortable, and beautiful hotel beds and mattresses that will guarantee your guests a pleasurable night’s sleep.

What makes us stand out from our other competitors is our Spirit of Excellence, a way of working and thinking that brings your customer the best sleep they will ever have.

We design our beds and mattress to align your brand-specific requirements and provide exceptional, lasting comfort – and a reliable investment for you. and that’s how we create exceptional sleep for guests’ night after night, stay after stay.

Perfect sleep tailored for your customers

Give Great Sleep To Your Customers